Totems Art Class - Dec. 3 (Saturday)

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In-Person Art Class on Saturday, Dec. 3rd

Here is your chance to learn from me IN PERSON (located in Atlanta!).

No pressure! No skills needed aside from an open mind and a love of art!

You will you get a class chocked full of information, insights learned over the years and helpful techniques to make your painting more fun, you'll also get to hang out with other like minded art lovers, sip on some wine and enjoy gourmet snacks in a laid back, friendly environment. Plus after your class you will go home with two of the paintings you produce in the class!


What Will You Learn In The Totem Class?


How to paint on raw canvas

     ➵ Preparing a canvas for painting.
     ➵ My personal tips to get the best surface to create your art!

Brushes & Mediums to use
     ➵ Acrylic, gouache washes, acrylic/alcohol inks & more.
     ➵ Household chemicals to enhance your painted shapes.

How I make my Totems
     ➵ What a Totem is to me, Why it's so compelling.
     ➵ How to create compelling compositions.

How to make color pallets (sooo important!)
     ➵ How to draw inspiration from photos or objects around you.
     ➵ Create paintings with random colors and make them sing.

Materials for the class
     ➵ All materials will be provided for you...
     ➵ brushes, paints, additives, and painting pallets.
     ➵ Two prepared 12x12 canvases to take home with you!

Snacks, Drinks, Dance Party
     ➵ Delish wine and non alcoholic beverages.
     ➵ Snacks for every dietary need.
     ➵ Chill music to help get you in the mood.
     ➵ My classes all start with a quick dance party too!

After class you will have the opportunity to ask me anything and get an honest and real answer! No gatekeepers here.