Please note: Orders ship once a week, usually on Fridays

Ok, so you have some questions, if you don't see what you need here, contact us at armas.shipping@gmail.com. 

Gallery and Store owners : Please contact me directly for inquiries about representation, licensing or wholesale orders. Items may not be purchased directly from the store for resale, without my express consent. 

Definition of Prints
1. Prints are digital reproductions of original paintings onto paper or canvas. 
2. Photo Rag is a very beautiful, velvety, thick paper that is used for my large prints, or posters. The paper is specially formulated for the mega printers used, but it feels a lot like watercolor paper, with a softer tooth.
3. Canvas prints are digital reproductions of paintings printed directly onto canvas. This canvas is special because it can be printed on, but aside from that it doesn't look or feel different from regular canvas that you paint on.
4. Canvas prints that are mounted on a wooden frame are exactly that. Canvas, wrapped onto a wooden frame. Wired, ready to hang. If you ask us to print one for you that we don't already offer as a canvas print it will cost more. It is a one-off print job, and therefor very expensive, fyi.
5. Custom prints on canvas must be stretched on your end. You get your print, directly from my printer, in a tube. You will need to take it to an art shop, or framers shop to have it mounted. Sometimes we can mount and ship for you, but its much more expensive than the canvas roll cost, and shipping may be very expensive too. Its actually pretty easy to do it yourself, if you are handy. 
6. Framing your print is easier than it seems. Choose the framed option from the drop down menu in the print shop. 
We are not responsible for custom printing pieces to fit your frames or matts. 
7. Digital prints No, I do not sell digital files of my prints, or paintings. If you wish to use something for a wedding invite or similar, best idea is to purchase the print or painting you want to use, and scan it yourself. You also need to let me know about this. Attempting to sell reproductions of prints or paintings will result in legal action. I may sound like a very nice lady, and I am...shucks... you'r making me blush. Rest assured, I have mad lawyer back up, and I don't put up with bullshit. Don't test me. 
8. Custom sizes Pretty much the sizes we offer, and we do offer a lot, are what we have. Its a lot of trouble to create a custom file and have it printed just for one order. Thanks for asking though.

Returns : Sales are final. Unless I make a mistake in our listing, or the colors are truly misrepresented in our photos. Our goal is to sell pristine items, so by the time you returned a print, it would be wrinkled and not sellable. If you are not sure if the colors you see in a painting are exactly what you want, ask for more photos. We do that all the time! 

Note about colors: everyone actually sees color slightly differently, (cool right), so we are happy to take the time to show you more images or video of a painting. Computers are also calibrated differently as well, so if you are feeling antsy about the colors, go scope it out on your neighbors computer too, and at work and make sure you aren't color blind (my husband can't tell the difference between blue and purple, or green and blue!) 

Shipping large paintings :
I use a company called Craters and Freighters. They will create a custom crate and delivery will be 7-10 days after they pick up your painting from my studio. When you check out you are paying an estimated shipping charge, we will email you and get your full mailing address to continue the shipping process. You will be invoiced or refunded for the ship charge depending on the exact quote to ship to your door.

Shipping small paintings : Anything under 48 inches, give or take (we work on a case by case basis sometimes, depending on where you live and the exact proportions of the painting in question) ships USPS. Paintings larger than 20 inches usually go express, this means you get the painting by noon the next day. The very smallest paintings go Standard Post. Your ship fee covers the cost of postage, and also packing materials, labor and stocking. Duh.

We ship orders once a week : Prints are mailed in a tube. 

Sometimes they are damaged, please contact us immediately and we will gladly replace your print asap.

I do allow studio visits by appointment only. 

I also work with some great galleries! They have special pieces that may not be represented in my shop.  1. Gregg Irby Fine Art 2. Stellars Gallery 3. Preludes Projects Brooklyn 4. Sea Contemporary Art Space 5. Bennet Gallery Nashville