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My online Artist's Membership

Catalyst Academy

Learn my step by step program for overcoming overwhelm, and creating your best art ever with ease and confidence

I've been creating and selling art for 20 years. Let me show you how.

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Create Abstract Art

Learn the techniques and mindset to be a thriving abstract artist. Get weekly live classes, a video content library to learn at your own pace and an inclusive & supportive community.

How would your life change if you became a confident artist?

What my Members Say

"The time I've spent in Catalyst working with Michelle has been a dream. I'm finding a deeper connection with my authentic voice as an artist. Classes are easy to follow & understand. No question is off limits to ask. Catalyst is teaching me to relax and believe in myself, connecting with the artist within and the community, and be part of something greater than myself. Of all the classes I've taken Catalyst is by far my favorite." -Nicky N

Your future self will thank you

Imagine the art you would make with guidance and knowledge to support you. The friendships and connections waiting for you, and the confidence you will feel in sharing and advocating for your art!

Listen up friend....

You are an Artist!

Your gift to yourself, and to the world is to share your joy, love and soul through your art.

Who is Michelle?

Hello, nice to meet you. I have been a professional artist for almost 20 years. GASP I have experience creating many different styles of abstract paintings and I will be taking you behind the scenes of creating each one!

My work has been represented by galleries around the world, I've collaborated with big brands like Anthropologie and I've enjoyed a thriving studio practice with consistent art sales. Now I work from my cozy backyard studio in Atlanta creating art for my collectors and galleries as well as teaching classes and exploring how to continue to inspire and nurture creative souls all around the world. I have found that many of my students are searching for a way to heal an inner block, accept difficult circumstances or navigate challenging dynamics in their lives. I am so confident that painting can help process difficult emotions and heal your nervous system over time because I have experienced it myself. Are you ready to move past your blocks and embrace your innate gift of creative expression?

Hear it from Members

“Catalyst put me back on a path of art, getting me back in touch with my creative self. I've felt disconnected from that side of myself for a long time. Burnt out. Mom-mode/lost my sense of self. But I'm feeling excited and inspired and hopeful and creative again! I'm starting to dream/make plans I'm really excited about!”

- Leslie L.

You are in the right place if you want to learn how to create stunning abstract art, sustain a consistent practice and share your art with confidence.


Questions? Don't hesitate to reach out.

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