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Zoom Class with Kit
Zoom Class with Kit
Zoom Class with Kit
Zoom Class with Kit
Zoom Class with Kit
Zoom Class with Kit
Zoom Class with Kit
Zoom Class with Kit
Zoom Class with Kit

Zoom Class with Kit

Join my intimate online classes and learn to make vibrant raw canvas paintings!

2 Hour Class



It's the online art class that you have been asking for! I am so excited to teach you how to create compelling and vibrant paintings.

You will learn to paint on raw canvas using my unique technique honed over years of artistic experimentation.

Class size is small (no more than 15 students), you can participate from anywhere in the world and paint along with me!

You will also get an incredible kit that has two prepared canvases and everything else you will need to learn how to paint like me!

The goal is to teach you the basics, the rules if you will, so that you can take it and run with it to create your own unique and beautiful compositions! Yay!

Custom Art Kit!


Valued at $285

Shipped To You Before Class Starts

I am so proud to be able to share this amazing kit with you! These materials are essential to creating mesmerizing, flowing compositions.

Here is what it contains:

- Now THREE 12x12 specially prepared raw canvases (1 15/8 inch deep, two 3/4 inch deep)
- Canvas scraps for practicing
- Four distinct types of paint: Alcohol Ink, Concentrated Watercolor, Opaque Concentrated Watercolor, Ink
- 16 colors curated by Michelle
- Powdered dye + application brush
- Two squeezy bottles (these need to be filled with bleach & isopropyl alcohol which are not included)
- Brushes
- Pallet paper
- Watercolor paper (this is a lil extra for playing around, not pictured.)
- Emailed PDF with paint guide + color guide