Go Back in Time

Go Back in Time

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 48 x 48 inches gallery wrap canvas painting. Signed, dated and titled on the back.

This piece gave me a lot of trouble at first. I was painting with my head and not with my heart. I decided to take a break and look at some pictures of my baby on my phone and I just kept scrolling farther and farther back in time. Suddenly it was three years ago, before our lives changed so suddenly with our adoption and there were all of these paintings! Swoopy and dotty and flowing and wavy and loose and lovely. I remembered the feeling of sweeping the brush across the whole canvas, the physicality of creating those large lines came back to me in a sweet flash. I got right up and completed this piece in just an hour or so. It came right back to me : the feeling of painting without thinking. This piece is about knowing that its inside of you and it will come back if you trust yourself.