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Painting on Raw Canvas
What Will You Learn In The Class?

 How to paint on raw canvas

     ➵ Preparing a canvas for painting.
     ➵ My personal tips to get the best surface to create your art!

Brushes & Mediums to use
     ➵ Acrylic ink, watercolor and paint washes, alcohol inks & more.
     ➵ Household chemicals to enhance your painted shapes.

How I make my Totemic paintings
     ➵ What these paintings mean to me, sharing of loving engergy.
     ➵ How to create compelling compositions.

How to make color pallets (sooo important!)
     ➵ How to draw inspiration from photos or objects around you.
     ➵ Create paintings with random colors and make them sing.


After class you will have the opportunity to ask me anything and get an honest and real answer! No gatekeepers here.


Important Painting Supplies Information

You can take this class without any special supplies or knowledge! Yes, really.


Now, if you do want to paint along we gotcha. You have two options! 


1. You can purchase our amazing Raw Canvas Painting Kit here.


This kit has it all :

Two 12x12 specially prepared raw canvases,

12 paints,

4 alcohol inks,

powdered dye,

squeezy bottles for adding your goodies,


Pallet paper,

and watercolor paper (this is a lil extra for playing around)



Buy your kit now right here. Don't worry, if you choose not to buy now, you can always come back and get it later if you change your mind.


2. If you have a bit of knowhow, and you already have some supplies at home but you just need a lil bit to beef up your collection before the class then we have a comprehensive supply list for you! Enjoy 20% off my raw canvas painting supplies list from Sam Flax, or shop from my Amazon list right here. These two lists feature only the exact items you need for this class.